Derrick Sims

CAMERA DEPARTMENT | Camera Operator | Colourist | Digital Imaging Technician | Director of Photography / Cinematographer | Dolly Grip | Film Editor | First Assistant Camera | Gaffer | Grip Assistant | GRIP DEPARTMENT | Lighting Assistant | LIGHTING DEPARTMENT | Lighting Technician | Loader | Online Editor | POST PRODUCTION | SCRIPT DEPARTMENT | Script Editor | Script Writer | Second Assistant Camera
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Director of Photography, Editor, Colourist, Producer, Writer, and Director; I recently purchased a RED Dragon package and own a couple blondes and an HMI to help get me through the day.

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My story is one of those “8yo borrowed his auntie’s camera and started making movies and never looked back” kinda stories. I studied journalism in a small Arkansas university town, and while there, I got onto my first feature and never considered any other life outside film. My partner and I have been part of feature films for over 17yrs, and for me, the passion and joy has only grown. I’m mostly a DP, much of the time colourist and editor, sometimes producer, a couple times writer/director, and once replacement scripty. I’ve lived and worked out of my adopted homeland of Aotearoa, New Zealand since 2016. I love this place, and I love its people.

Industry Experience

Since my first feature in 2006, I’ve served in just about every position from prep, to production, to post, and even in marketing, distribution, and exhibition. My first love is camera and lighting, but the entire process is still as exhilarating as ever. I just can’t get enough. Some of my work can be found on IMDb and/or on my website ( and my reel is available on YouTube (