Dyego Cortinas

AD DEPARTMENT | Best Boy (Electrical) | CAMERA DEPARTMENT | Camera Operator | Director | Electrician | First Assistant Camera | First Assistant Director | Gaffer | Gene Operator | HOD - Camera | HOD - Lighting | Lighting Assistant | LIGHTING DEPARTMENT | Lighting Technician | Producer | Production Coordinator | PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT | Production Manager | Steadicam Operator | Stills Photographer | Under Water Camera Operator
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Skills & Services

Experienced in all areas but skilled as:

– Director
– Production Manager
– Best boy/Gennie Op
– Cam Op/Ac

– Balanced energy
– Crew safety first
– Open to change
– Disciplined
– Compassionate/empath and easy listen/talk
– Great coffe

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I’m a Uruguayan Director and Producer who has worked for the last 15 years in the media business, mainly the world of drama and advertisement.

Big supporter of narratives that uplift people, inspire to grow as a community and help develop tools for a more peaceful understanding of our humanity.

An optimist and a realist:
Always trying to see the glass half full, but also realizing when there’s an empty half that needs to be filled. And work hard to fill that half.

Expect me to be mindful and attentive to others and keep a calm familiar environment around any people I work with. We all want to get home after a great day, so be sure I won’t get in the way.

Passionate about surf, paintball, bouldering and pretty much any sport that takes adrenaline to the limit, you’ll see me contrastingly getting into deep constructive conversations that involve healthy habits, 10 day meditation courses and developing everything related to physicals, mental and environmental health.

Industry Experience

​For the last 6 years, my main focus has been working on lighting department of diverse film industry productions and television series in New Zealand (From Netflix Dramas to local content productions, commercials and Documentaries).

The list is thankfully too long and boring to read, but the main ones are mainly on The Brokenwood Mysteries, WestSide, The Legend of Monkey, Sweet tooth, and an infinite number of commercials and campaigns, as well as local documentaries, short films and web series.

On the last two years I’ve gotten involved in smaller projects, either as a Director, producer, Camera operator or Gaffer, direction music videos and producing commercials.

You can see some of the work done here: