James Baxter

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Skills & Services

Spotify album.
Orchestral / modern / ethnic writing skills.
Working with notation means live musicians could play parts.
Very large collection of orchestras and sample libraries at my fingertips.
I have a studio.
I teach guitar. All styles.

Contact Details



    I started my musical journey with classical guitar finishing my grades. I have played in bands over the years being in a 80s rock band throughout 2012 . I have always had a love for theory and how music works. This goes into my writing. I released a spotify album last year. It is very eclectic and covers different styles of classsical modern and ethnic genres. I have been composing for over 12 years and have picked up alot of information and methods of producing music. I also have a large extensive collection of musical libraries. ( orchestras, vocals, percussion, ethnic instruments etc. ) As far as instruments are concerned I have more than enough to do a score. All my music is notated so if required I could get live musicians to play parts. My passion is composing and I believe I could do a great job on any film.

    Industry Experience

    I have no experience in the film industry