Jannine Spiers

ART DEPARTMENT | Art Director | Production Designer | Set Dresser
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Skills & Services

An advocate for nurturing young talent, I actively engage with youth through the coordination and tutoring of filmmaking workshops, specializing in Art Direction, props, and set dressing.

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    With an impressive track record spanning over 25 years in the Screen & Film industry, I am a seasoned Production Designer and Art Director. Currently serving as the Creative Director of Black Arrow Art, “I thrive on collaborative projects with diverse organisations, especially those involving film , theatrics and stage productions within the Screen and Performing Arts realm”. My passion lies in the enchanting world of Marionettes, and I aspire to delve deeper into this art form by creating captivating puppet shows.

    Industry Experience

    My extensive experience encompasses various roles within the Art department, including Art Directing and Production Designing for numerous New Zealand films and TV series.