Jeremy Rae

Armourer | ART DEPARTMENT | Costume Co-ordinator | COSTUME DEPARTMENT | Costume Supervisor | Fire Arms | PROPS DEPARTMENT | Props Master
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Skills & Services

Licenced Theatrical Armourer with endorsements for providing restricted firearms for theatrical and reenactment purposes
Military costumes and props for hire
Blank ammunition provided

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I am a licensed theatrical armourer and props master, specializing in historical military equipment and weapons. I live in Oropi.
Watch the clip below from one of my acting roles (I also provided the uniforms and weapons):

Industry Experience

Over the last 20 years or so, I have acted in and/or hired military costumes, firearms and props for a number of film and TV productions in NZ, including Gibson Group TV documentaries (“Nancy Wake”, “Kiwis at War”) and several short films such as “Crossing the Line” (Dir. Peter Jackson), “Turangaarere: The John Pohe Story”​ (Dir. Julian Arahunga) and “Tama Tu” (Dir. Taika Waititi).
Most recently I had an extra role in “Colonial Combat” filmed near Rotorua in 2019.