Marlo Donoghue

Location Assistant | LOCATION DEPARTMENT | Production Assistant / Production Runner | PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT | Unit Assistant
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Skills & Services

• Workplace First Aid Express Training certificate (2021) • Good Time Management • Good Communication • Reliable • Flexible Availability

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    In 2021 I completed my diploma in Production at South Seas film school in Auckland. I am looking for any jobs you may have for me on the horizon. I am passionate about all aspects of production in the film industry. I am especially interested in a career in Locations or Production Assisting. My strengths lie in being highly organised with a willingness to learn quickly and be adaptable. I also have great communication skills and time management. I am seeking entry level jobs in the New Zealand film industry. I am open to all opportunities and aspire to dive into the New Zealand film industry and am eager to build on my knowledge through any experience available to me. My year at South Seas Film School has inspired me to chase a career in this exciting industry. I am adaptable, a fast learner, resilient, work well under pressure and am not afraid of hard work. I'm looking for short-term production work in Tauranga for 2 weeks starting next week

    Industry Experience

    • PA/Cam Assist – Eating Plants (2 days) • Production Assistant – BGEA Promos (3 weeks) • Production Runner – Georgia Lines Music Video (1 Day) • Production Assistant – The Great Kiwi Bake Off Warner Brothers – Season 4 (2.5 weeks) • Location Help – BNZ Commercial Finch Company (Half Day) • Part - Time Runner – SYLO South Pacific Pictures (8 Weeks) • Production Assistant / 3rd Assistant Director of “He kept his promise” Short Film Director/Producer: Mike Ramirez (2 days) • Production Runner – Live Shoot Teeks Music Video (1 day)