Sammy Pinfold

CAMERA DEPARTMENT | Camera Production Assistant | Stills Photographer
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Customer Service
Photography – freelance photography

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    Hi, I’m Sammy, I’m 18 years old. I have lived in Rotorua for most of my life and consider it my home. I have recently studied and received a certificate in Digital Media and Design through Yoobee Colleges. I have always loved cameras since I was a young girl and my passion for them has only grown more. I have worked in customer service for 3 years and I enjoy working with people. I am outgoing, friendly, and I am willing to try and achieve every task handed to me with excellence.

    Industry Experience

    I have very limited experience when it comes to filmmaking. Yoobee taught us students how to operate a camera and the basics behind a camera however was never taught or shown how to use a film camera. The cameras we used were Canon EOS 200DII . They were great cameras to learn on, and I’m lucky enough to have my own however I am wanting to experiment and learn on bigger cameras.