Jannine SpiersBlack Arrow Art

Art Director

Jannine has over 25 years’ experience in the film industry.

She is a Creative Director, Artist, Production Designer and is currently the NZ Project Manager for the NZ International Youth Silent Film Festival (IYSFF). Her roles include coordinating Youth filmmaking workshops and tutoring Art Direction and Art Department skills, her role has been over past 3 years Events Manager for Film Bay of Plenty.
Lighting is a very important consideration in Jannine's concepts and designs and she loves taking a creative brief and translating that into her set designs, props and set dressing. Metal and glass are some of her preferred mediums to use in her concepts, visual and audio techniques are things she loves to explore and considers them in her arts projects. She enjoys the possibilities of visual arts becoming a complementary addition to traditional arts. Each project she embarks on reminds her why she is so passionate about the creative.

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  • Art Director