National Incentives

NZ Screen Production Grant

Filming in New Zealand is made even more attractive by NZ’s Screen Production Grant (NZSPG), which encourages medium to large budget productions, both NZ and International, to locate here.

The NZSPG grant is administered by the NZ Film Commission.  Below is a summary of the grant, while full details can be found on their website.  

International Productions International Productions are eligible for a cash grant of 20% of Qualifying New Zealand Production Expenditure (QNZPE) with a 5% Uplift available for a smaller number of productions that are invited to apply and can demonstrate significant additional economic benefits to New Zealand.  

Post, Digital & Visual Effects (PDF) Productions can access a grant of 20% of QNZPE up to QNZPE of $25 million, and 18% of QNZPE for QNZPE above $25 million.

New Zealand Productions New Zealand Productions are eligible for a cash grant of 40% of QNZPE.  New Zealand Productions must have significant New Zealand content or be official co-productions.  

More Information The team at Film Bay of Plenty are happy to help facilitate relationships with the NZ Film Commission to support your applications.

You can also contact the NZ Film Commission directly or call the Incentives Executive on +64 4 382 7680

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