Aratiatia Rapids

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Thousands of litres of water is released from the Aratiatia Dam creating a spectacular flow of water through a narrow gorge.
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amazing white water rapids

Aratiatia Rapids has been used in The Hobbit and Yogi Bear due to the fact the spillway can be turned from a dry gorge into a fast flowing waterfall which is manageable with a raft.

Aratiatia Rapids are formed when the dam gates of the Waikato River are opened a few times a day. The Waikato River falls 28 metres in the space of one kilometre. The surging rapids have been harnessed to produce environmentally sustainable hydroelectric power. Rapids Jet have helped crew with access in the past and are a great contact for the area.

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Rapids Jet, Dave Hooten, Local Iwi, Amplify Taupo

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One of the great things about filming in the Bay of Plenty is the close proximity to New Zealand cities and rural townships.  Even when you are enjoying our spectacular rural filming locations you still have access to major infrastructure and amenities nearby.

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