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A unique creative floating venue and designed as ecologically clean green platform.
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quirky & unique eco-space

25mins out of Rotorua on a very private hill overlooking farmlands with views out to Mt Tarawera and the Kaiangaroa Forest, this totally unique floating venue can be hired for a multitude of events and also accommodation.

An off grid space suitable for yoga retreats, photo/film shoots, music concerts, weddings and honeymoons, health retreat etc.

Guests can sit on the land around 4 sides of the pond to observe whats happening on and in the floating pyramid as it has 4 large openings that can be individually rolled up as need be.

Sunrises and sunsets can be photographed from all angles through and from the 9m x 9m platform.

A very very gentle movement lulls occupants into a state of peace and calm, unless rock & roll is required from a band playing onboard while guests dance around the bonfire on land.

This is a purely creative space built and designed as ecologically clean green platform for science, tourism, retreats and events.

On-site Power

There are 2 levels within the pyramid which is wind and solar powered. It has a computerised intelligent brain that monitors the pond water and local environment plus connects to viewing monitors for presentations etc. Generator power is also available.

permit details

Private – enquire through John Donovan

location & distance

One of the great things about filming in the Bay of Plenty is the close proximity to New Zealand cities and rural townships.  Even when you are enjoying our spectacular rural filming locations you still have access to major infrastructure and amenities nearby.

Auckland CBD

267 Kilometres | 3 Hours, 34 Minutes

Tauranga CBD

41 Kilometres | 32 Minutes

Rotorua CBD

41 Kilometres | 32 Minutes

Whakatane CBD

80 Kilometres | 1 Hour, 2 Minutes

Taupo CBD

73 Kilometres | 54 Minutes