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Iconic heritage buildings and gardens in the heart of Rotorua
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history & beauty all in one

With a history of tourism Rotorua has stunning iconic heritage buildings: the Rotorua Museum, beautiful Government Gardens, and The Blue Baths which originally opened in 1931 and allowed a somewhat daring mixed bathing pool. Authentic 1920’s architecture with stunning interior and exterior sets.

Culturally significant land, Geothermal environment, Elizabeth Tudor style architecture, Famous Blue Baths, Polynesian Spa, Rotorua Museum.

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Rotorua Lakes Council

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One of the great things about filming in the Bay of Plenty is the close proximity to New Zealand cities and rural townships.  Even when you are enjoying our spectacular rural filming locations you still have access to major infrastructure and amenities nearby.

Auckland CBD

236 Kilometres | 2 Hours, 51 Minutes

Tauranga CBD

8 Kilometres | 13 Minutes

Rotorua CBD

8 Kilometres | 13 Minutes

Whakatane CBD

85 Kilometres | 1 Hour, 12 Minutes

Taupo CBD

81 Kilometres | 60 Minutes