otarawairere beach

A classic New Zealand East Coast beach in a secluded bay
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incredible rocky shore & native bush

Otarawairere is the hidden jewel of the Whakatāne-Ōhope area. This secluded beach is accessible only on foot or by kayak. The beach featured in the first Hollywood Studio Feature Film (1954)to shoot in New Zealand ”The Seekers”.

Access – Walk in either from Westend Ohope or Otarawairere Rd so be prepared to carry in your equipment.

permit details

Whakātane District Council

location & distance

One of the great things about filming in the Bay of Plenty is the close proximity to New Zealand cities and rural townships.  Even when you are enjoying our spectacular rural filming locations you still have access to major infrastructure and amenities nearby.

Auckland CBD

300 Kilometres | 4 Hours

Tauranga CBD

91 Kilometres | 1 Hour, 23 Minutes

Rotorua CBD

91 Kilometres | 1 Hour, 23 Minutes

Whakatane CBD

6 Kilometres | 7 Minutes

Taupo CBD

174 Kilometres | 2 Hours, 8 Minutes