Why Film Here

The Bay of Plenty is film friendly and primed to support the screen industry. We have untapped unique locations within short driving distances, experienced crew and infrastructure.


We are a short 2-3 hour drive or a 30 minute flight from Auckland, New Zealand. Once you are here we have many stunning locations, including our unique geothermal areas, within driving distance of each other. The Bay of Plenty is one of the sunniest places in New Zealand and we have reverse seasons to help extend shooting windows.


Film Bay of Plenty offer up to five hours of production labour to connect you with the right crew, accommodation, permitting contacts, and other local professionals to get you on your feet in our stunning backyard. Using our local expertise takes the guesswork, and some of the legwork, out of filming on location in the Bay of Plenty.

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Film Friendly

We work closely with our local Councils, Government Agencies, Iwi and the Department of Conservation. Being film friendly means we have fast turnarounds on permits.

The screen sector is an important industry in New Zealand and to reflect this, our New Zealand Government screen incentives scheme is simple and generous. We also have no fringes, no-fault accident cover and no regional sales taxes.


Based centrally in Rotorua, Waiariki Studio is perfect for small to medium sized productions. It is surrounded by a large variety of locations, accomodations, dining options and activities.

In other areas, we can help you find a production hub or studio space to suit the scale of your project.

Experienced Crew

The Bay of Plenty is becoming a fast growing region for the screen sector in areas such as film, television, games, animation, high-end TV, branded-content,vloggers/influencers, VFX, immersive tech and marketing and communications. We have crew skilled in all areas who have chosen to live here because of the fantastic lifestyle and ease of business.

Cultural Storytelling

The Bay of Plenty has a strong Maori presence. There are 35 iwi, 260 hapū and 224 marae located across the region. Te Arawa, Mataatua, Nukutere, Takitimu, Horouta and Tainui are the Waka grouping. The Maori culture has a powerful oral tradition giving rise to many expert performers and passionate story tellers, many of whom reside in The Bay.