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An inactive volcano standing at the head of Tauranga Harbour with great views.

Mount Maunganui, aka Mauao ('caught by the dawn' in Māori), is a rhyolitic volcanic dome at the southern entrance to the Tauranga Harbour. Standing at 252m, Mount Maunganui overlooks the town of Mount Maunganui, golden sand beaches and clear water.

Nga Poutiriao o Mauao (the joint administration board made up of iwi members and representatives from Tauranga City Council) is responsible for the management decisions of Mauao. Any filming on (and possibly of) Mauao will require their approval.

Depending on the purpose of your filming and what is involved, permission may be granted to film on Mauao (land based), however if permission is granted, you can expect strict stipulations to apply (ie, hand held only, no vehicles on Mauao, no ground penetration, stick to formed tracks, do not block or impact other users, acknowledgement of the Trust Board etc.).

If you would like to physically film on Mauao, the first step would be to submit your Tauranga City Council filming application. Once they have this and undertand the purpose, scale and impact, TCC can liaise with Nga Poutiriao o Mauao with a request for permission.

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Volcanic, Views, High point, Beach

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