News - Latest News this yearDirector/Writer Workshop with James Ashcroft

Director James Ashcroft will take you through his learnings from his feature film "Coming Home in the Dark"

The workshop will cover:

  • Taking a project from script development and strategy to executing a feature film
  • Going from premiere at a Sundance Film Festival to representation
  • Pitching your own projects & pitching for studio projects
  • Distinguishing Intention from Plot: Clarifying and articulating what the essence of your project is.

What you will need:

All participants need to bring a book they are currently reading, or have read (fiction/non-fiction is fine) (Please don’t bring it on a kindle, phone or any other electronic device) It needs to be on printed paper so it can be handled by others.

There will be a number of exercises throughout the day so bring a pen.

Film Bay of Plenty will supply:

A $10 lunch voucher at the yummy Whipped Baker

A classy notebook to write up everything you learn throughout the day.

Who is James Ashcroft?

James is a Film Director, Co-Writer and Executive Producer. Hel earned to write and produce so he could facilitate his passion to direct. Collectively it means he likes to be involved in the overall vision and execution of the film from conception to release.

“James Ashcroft’s first feature Coming Home in the Dark turned heads in Hollywood, after his thriller received praise at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival. The Mount Maunganui director has won multiple offers from Hollywood, including production company Legendary Entertainment (The Dark Knight).”

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