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Lakes Lodge Okataina, located in the heart of New Zealand’s stunning Rotorua region, is a pristine and picturesque venue that offers a diverse range of natural and man-made landscapes, making it an ideal location for film and television production. This proposal outlines the unique features and benefits of Lakes Lodge Okataina as a filming location, along with the logistics involved in its utilization.

Lakes Lodge Okataina is a luxury lodge nestled amidst a backdrop of breathtaking lakes, forests, and mountains. The location boasts an array of picturesque landscapes, from pristine lakeshores and dense native forests to well-maintained gardens and chalet-style architecture, providing filmmakers with a versatile and visually captivating setting for a wide range of production needs.
Unique Features and Benefits
1. Scenic Diversity: Lakes Lodge Okataina’s remarkable variety of landscapes enables filmmakers to recreate diverse settings within the same location, from tranquil lakeside scenes to dense woodland areas and rustic lodge interiors. This diversity minimizes the need for multiple shooting locations.
2. Natural Beauty: The clear, sparkling waters of Lake Okataina and the lush surrounding forests offer a captivating backdrop. The setting’s natural beauty requires minimal set dressing, saving production costs and time.
3. Seclusion: Lakes Lodge Okataina is nestled in a secluded and private setting, offering the necessary privacy for filming, preventing disturbances from outside traffic or onlookers.
4. Year-Round Availability: The location’s beauty remains throughout the year, making it suitable for filming during all seasons, from winter snowscapes to summer sunsets.
5. On-Site Amenities: Lakes Lodge Okataina offers a variety of amenities, including accommodation, catering, and support services. This on-site infrastructure simplifies the logistics of production and provides convenience for the cast and crew.

1. Permits and Permissions: Coordinating with local authorities for permits and permissions is essential. Lakes Lodge Okataina’s management can assist in obtaining the necessary approvals and liaising with local authorities.
2. Accommodation: The lodge provides on-site accommodation for cast and crew, ensuring a comfortable and convenient stay during production.
3. Catering Services: On-site catering can be arranged to meet the dietary requirements of the production team, providing a hassle-free experience.
4. Transportation: Lakes Lodge Okataina is accessible by road, and the location can be reached from Rotorua, Tauranga or Whakatane. Production crews will need transportation options, and this can be organized as part of the logistics.
5. Production Support: Local talent, extras, and equipment rental can be arranged through local suppliers with experience in the film industry.

The cost of utilizing Lakes Lodge Okataina as a filming location will vary based on the specific needs of the production. A detailed cost estimate can be provided upon request, including location fees, accommodation, catering, and any additional services required.

Lakes Lodge Okataina is a versatile and visually stunning location for film and television productions. Its unique features and benefits, along with the logistical support provided by the lodge, make it a prime choice for filmmakers seeking a captivating and versatile backdrop. We invite you to explore this exceptional location and discover the possibilities it offers for your next project. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements and receive a detailed proposal tailored to your needs.

For inquiries or to arrange a site visit, please contact:
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We look forward to welcoming you to Lakes Lodge Okataina for your next film or television production.

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