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For 25 years, Chris Kirkham has been at the forefront of the film and television industry, travelling to every corner of the world to create innovative and captivating video and photography for the world’s biggest broadcasters and brands.

Since 1998 Chris has run New Zealand Greenroom Productions, which has grown to a video production team of over 200 freelance producers, camera-operators, sound-operators around the world who specialise in crafting visually stunning video.

At New Zealand Greenroom Productions, we pride ourselves on delivering digital content that is fresh, bold, and dynamic. From concept to completion, every step is managed with thought, care, and expertise.

If you have high expectations when it comes to creativity and production value and want a television production company that will stand out from the crowd, you’ve found your dream team. Whether it’s working discreetly on reality TV formats, live sports, or working safely and securely in the most extreme and complex environments, you can trust our team of brand and broadcast specialists to create high-quality, innovative and inspirational video content and photography every time.

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