Why film here

The Bay of Plenty is film-friendly and primed to support local, national, and international productions with accessible and diverse locations, talented and experienced crew, infrastructure, and suppliers that can gear up or down to suit the needs of your production.


Film Bay of Plenty is the regional film office representing the Bay of Plenty which includes Tauranga, Rotorua, Taupō, Western Bay of Plenty, Whakatāne, Kawerau and Ōpōtiki.  We are here to enable your production to make the most out of all that is on offer.

Our region offers a strong and inviting package to producers and content creators.

With extensive knowledge in all areas of film production, we can provide production assistance with location scouting, film permitting, crew and service provision, and advocacy and liaison with local government and communities.

Using our local expertise takes the guesswork, and some of the legwork, out of filming on location in the Bay of Plenty.

“Thank you very much for everything, you guys have been a huge help in this project.”

Lourdes Bruschini

Account Manager at Eleven PR NZ

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Our team brings 20+ years of onset experience from productions like Narnia and The Hobbit and we understand and help facilitate both creative and logistical needs. We offer five hours of production support to enable your production ease of filming in the Bay.

Our location

Centrally located, the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand is well known for its clear blue skies, white sand beaches, lush green forest, geothermal wonderlands and stunning natural beauty.

The region encompasses Tauranga, Rotorua, Taupō, Western Bay of Plenty, Whakatāne, Kawerau and Ōpōtiki. With only a 2 – 3hour drive to Auckland or a short 30 minute flight from one of regional airports the Bay has enough urban infrastructure to support your production.

The advantage of having reverse seasons helps extend shooting windows and short drive times between our diverse, fresh and untapped filming locations helps with keeping your production efficient.

why film in the bay of plenty


We work closely with our film friendly Councils, Government Agencies, Iwi and the Department of Conservation (DOC). Working with key expert people who have an intimate knowledge of the region and understand our time pressured industry means the permitting process and communication is prompt and efficient.
The screen sector is an important industry in New Zealand and to reflect this, our New Zealand Government screen incentives scheme is simple and generous. We also have no fringes, no-fault accident cover and no regional sales taxes.

Regional information

The Bay of Plenty is divided into seven very different districts that come under the Bay of Plenty region.

Screen incentives

Local productions are eligible for a 40% cash grant of qualifying New Zealand production expenditure.  International productions are eligible for a 20% cash grant of qualifying New Zealand expenditure.

Filming permits

It’s important to liaise with the correct authority to obtain permission to film on land, rail or roads managed by councils, DOC or local iwi (local indigenous Māori tribes).


Bring your project to life in one of our urban cities or towns. Let us assist you in finding a production hub.
The Bay of Plenty has enough service operators, accommodation and equipment to bring your project to life.

We can investigate and present options for production hubs and studio spaces once we know more about your project.

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Our crew

The Bay of Plenty is becoming a fast growing region for the screen sector in areas such as film, television, games, animation, high-end TV, branded-content, vloggers/influencers, VFX, immersive tech and marketing and communications.
We have crew skilled in all areas who have chosen to live here because of the fantastic lifestyle and ease of business.  Film Bay of Plenty can provide assistance with crew and service provision.  With over 20+ years of onset experience we can help facilitate both your creative and logistical needs.
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Cultural storytelling

The Bay of Plenty has a strong Maori presence. There are 35 iwi, 160 hapū and 224 marae located across the region. Maori culture has a powerful oral tradition giving rise to many amazing performers and passionate story tellers.
We have locations that are sacred to the people and require iwi consultation to navigate through the protocols. Let us connect you with local cultural advisors so your production can respect our land as much as we do.